I am particularly interested in dramatic landscapes, seascapes and marine life. Revisiting the remote areas that surrounded my upbringing on the West Coast of Scotland, I find inspiration in the particular details of a beach, a deserted moor or the cracked barnacles encrusted on a Humpback's tail.


Growing up on the Isle of Skye you are never more than five miles from the sea. It is this connection that has had a dominant influence upon my work, exploring themes relating to natural environment, history and mythology in an attempt to capture the atmosphere of a particular place.

The language of printmaking allows me the freedom to be expressive whilst maintaining an illustrative and representational approach.

Working predominately in monotype and etching, both mediums provide me with the use of line, texture and colour, which are integral to achieving the finished outcome. Sugar lift is a medium that preserves the brushwork and encourages large areas of colour, used in the etchings to achieve a fluid method of working. Using monotype allows me to build up transparent layers of inks, all the time working with speed to prevent drying, which determines uncertainty in the outcome. These spontaneous ways of working are what drive me to continue my development of these printing methods.